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Bob the Robber 2

In Bob Robber 2, you need to move on to get closer to 10 different levels, with new security cameras, guards, traps. You must open the locked doors on each level. security cameras and protection. Bob, who is very resourceful, should not be caught by detecting blind spots from rotary cameras. There are 10 different levels, each filled with security cameras, guards, trap doors and more! Each level has a purpose that you must complete to pass the level. Use the arrow keys to guide Bob to his destination. It's very important that Bob Robber saved the city by stealing some money. Enter this cute action adventure around the town and loot them, take locks, stay away from traps, lasers and guards. To complete the goal, privacy is very important. Your task is very difficult you can buy new vehicles for it.

Have Fun!

Game Controls

Arrow Keys

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