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Hill Climb Racing

 Hill Climb Racing is a free and cheerful game. As you drive your car, you should check it by looking at the upper left corner of the screen to keep the fuel running low. Collect the yellow freckles on your way and fill your safe. There's numbers on every coin. If you don't burn in the game and you keep moving forward, you will increase the amount of your money. Watch out if your car somersault or you run out of fuel, you can start the game all over again. Don't miss the red gas cans on the road. When you reach the red flag on the road, you have the chance to earn an extra 50 coins. With the money you earn, you gain the right to expand your vehicle from the market to the car, engine, chassis, new tires, protective armor and petrol tank. If you win a lot more, you can buy new cars or new tracks. The length of the course appears at the bottom of the game screen. While you're driving, you can see how many meters you've gone.

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