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Knife Storm

In Knife Storm you will try to cut the fruits on the turntable using the "Ninja" mouse. Make sure the blades do not touch each other. There are 3 different game modes. The game can be played alone or with 2 players.

In the “Classic” mode, all blades can be attached to the turntable or to the fruit. Placed. It can be rotated. You must throw it successfully. It is important that the blades do not strike each other. In ur ​​Shoot ”mode, you must throw knives at flying fruits; You must avoid the bombs and watch out for the remaining time! In the third mode, “Ninja”, you will try to slicing the flying fruits using the mouse. If you feel like a Ninja, use a good knife and love the fruits, it is a very nice game for you. We know that speed, attention and skill are with you. So let's start.

Have Fun!

Game controls:


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