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Pill Soccer

Pill Soccer,  will love this great soccer game. At the same time, protect your castle, score big goals to your opponent. The audience wants to watch a unique football match, show all your skills. Your opponent will be surprised.

Have Fun !

Game Controls


Your Control

Jump: "Up Arrow" or "W"

Left: "Left Arrow" or "S"

Right: "Right Arrow" or "A"

Kick: "P" or "Space"

Super Bonus: "K"

2 Player Mode

Player 1

Jump: "Up Arrow

Left: "Left Arrow"

Right: "Right Arrow"

Kick: "P" or "Down Arrow"

Super Bonus: "K"

Player 2

Jump: "W"

Left: "D"

Right: "A"

Kick: "S" or "Space"

Super Bonus: "Z"

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